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Welcome to the Ivory & Main blog.  Intended for the Curvy Bride, This blog will serve as a positive resource to help our fellow curvy beauties navigate the sometimes rocky waters of Bridal gown shopping.  We will also post some fun and interesting interviews and insight, along with stories from other brides like yourself,  you have options.  Looking and feeling beautiful isn't about size, it's a mindset.  

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7 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Mom's Wedding Dress For Your Bridal Journey

a sketch of a design for a dress made from a repurposed wedding dress

Your mom's and grandmother’s wedding dresses hold a treasure trove of memories and sentimental value. Instead of letting them collect dust in the attic, why not breathe new life into these cherished garments? Repurposing the wedding dresses of the special women in your life for various events throughout your bridal journey not only honors family tradition but also adds a unique touch to your wedding festivities.

At our Ivory & Main Custom Design Studio, we know that the reality is that some of us are not the same size that our mothers or grandmothers were when they got married. Don’t worry, your dream of wearing that wedding dress does not have to end at the size tag! Our creative design team will be able to show you the realm of possibilities for your pieces. You will be able to work together to create the garment of your dreams!

Here are seven creative ways to repurpose your mother’s or your grandmother’s wedding dress for your bridal journey:

Bridal Shower Dress:

Kick off your bridal journey in style by wearing a revamped version of your mom's wedding dress to your bridal shower. Whether you opt for a tailored cocktail dress or a chic mini gown, incorporating elements of her dress into your shower attire adds a sentimental touch to the celebration.

Engagement Photos Dress:

Capture the essence of love and family tradition by wearing a refreshed version of your mom's wedding dress for your engagement photos. Incorporating her gown into your engagement photos creates timeless and meaningful images that celebrate the bond between generations.

Bachelorette Party Dress:

Stand out at your bachelorette party by donning a playful ensemble crafted from your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. Whether it's a flirty mini dress or a glamorous jumpsuit, infusing elements of her gown into your bachelorette party attire adds a nostalgic twist to the celebration with your closest friends.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress:

For the rehearsal dinner, consider wearing a reimagined version of your grandmother's wedding gown. Whether it's a modernized silhouette or a vintage-inspired design, incorporating elements of her dress into your rehearsal dinner attire adds a meaningful connection to the festivities leading up to your big day.

Bridal Robe:

Picture yourself surrounded by your closest friends and family, adorned in a bridal robe crafted from the wedding dresses of the special women in your life. As you sip champagne and share laughter, this robe can serve as a beautiful reminder of the love and support surrounding you on your special day.

Reception Dress:

Change into a stunning reception dress crafted from your mom's wedding gown to dance the night away in style. Whether you opt for a sleek cocktail dress or a contemporary two-piece ensemble, repurposing her dress for the reception adds a personal and heartfelt touch to the festivities.

Honeymoon Dress:

Make your honeymoon getaway even more special by packing a piece of family history. Transform a section of your mom's wedding dress into a breezy sundress or a romantic maxi for your tropical escape. It's a beautiful way to carry a piece of home with you as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

Repurposing the wedding gowns of the important women in your life for your bridal journey not only honors your family's legacy but also adds a unique and meaningful touch to your wedding celebrations. From bridal showers to the reception, incorporating elements of these gowns into various aspects of your wedding journey creates beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Embrace the beauty of family tradition and create unforgettable moments as you embark on this magical journey to the altar. To learn more about the Ivory & Main Custom Design and to make an appointment with our creative design team, give us a call at 631-760-7082.

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