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 We designed these Satin Robes especially for the curvy girl. This luxurious stretch Satin Charmeuse is the perfect fit for our curvy babes. 


Are you tired of buying a Satin robe only to have to wear something underneath because it won't close properly when you sit? Truth be told these robes were not really meant for plus size women.


We took careful consideration when we designed these Satin Robes, we elongated the sleeves, we added more material to areas to give you that perfect Kimono style without compromising fit.  The best part is the silky Satin fabric, it is super soft on the skin and it's a thick blend so no more seeing through!  We promise you will not be disappointed!

Satin Robe

  •    SIZE      BUST  WAIST HIP Sleave
         1X    60"        64"     66"       28"
         2X    64"     69"


         3X    68"     72"    74"    33"
         4X    76"     80"    82"    36"


       84"    86"    36"


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