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Welcome to the Ivory & Main blog.  Intended for the Curvy Bride, This blog will serve as a positive resource to help our fellow curvy beauties navigate the sometimes rocky waters of Bridal gown shopping.  We will also post some fun and interesting interviews and insight, along with stories from other brides like yourself,  you have options.  Looking and feeling beautiful isn't about size, it's a mindset.  

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5 Fashion Mishaps That Could Happen On Your Wedding Day and Why You Shouldn't Stress About Them

decorative suitcase filled with wedding emergency kit essentials

Your wedding day is a magical celebration, but sometimes unexpected fashion mishaps can occur. While it's natural to feel stressed about every detail going perfectly, it's essential to remember that some mishaps are beyond your control and not worth worrying about.

At Ivory & Main, our Curvy Godmothers™ remind us to embrace imperfections and focus on the joy and excitement of the day. You can’t stand still in a bubble all night. That’s why you have a team to put you back together after you tear it down on the dancefloor!  Here are a few common fashion mishaps that can happen on your wedding day, but you shouldn't let them dampen your spirits:

1. Bustle Breakage:

We’re going to be honest with you… there is a good chance your bustle could break on your big day, especially if you plan on spending time on the dance floor! Whether it is just from dancing too hard or from accidentally getting stepped on by one of your guests, it is really nothing to worry about! Find your bridal attendant or wedding coordinator and they will safety pin it back up in no time! Then you can get right back to dancing the night away!

2. Food Spills:

We know you hate to hear it, but there's always a chance Aunt Martha might accidentally spill some penne a la vodka on your dress… but, if it happens, you’re not going to freak out about it! Shout wipes, Tide-To-Go pens, and even a little piece of white chalk, believe it or not, can get those stains out and keep you looking fresh throughout the day! 

3. Hook & Eye Malfunction

Your gown is secured with delicate hook and eye closures, but they're not invincible. If one happens to pop open, don't let it ruin your day. Remember, they are only held on by one small piece of thread. Make sure your bridal attendant, maid of honor, or someone in your bridal party has a “problem-solve kit”, which you can find at Ivory & Main, just to stitch it back up quickly if it breaks.

4. Boob Spillage

Truth be told, some of us do have some pretty big tatas. Your wedding dress is designed to highlight your curves, but sometimes unexpected wardrobe malfunctions can occur, such as a momentary slip of your neckline. To avoid a slip on the dance floor make sure you have your boob tape handy and some flash tape to keep those dresses in place! You can find everything you need right at our Booby Bar in our Ivory & Main Curvy Bridal Boutique in Sayville, NY.

5. Weather-Related Issues

Mother Nature may have her own plans for your wedding day, whether it's unexpected rain, wind, or extreme heat. Getting a little wet on your wedding day is nothing to worry about! Have your bridal attendant or bridal party help you carry your dress so it doesn’t drag through any mud, and opt for waterproof makeup and hair products, and embrace the spontaneity of nature's beauty. Remember, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck!

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, joy, and togetherness, and while fashion mishaps may occur, they're simply part of the journey. Embrace the imperfections, laugh off the unexpected, and focus on the beautiful moments that make your day truly unforgettable. Make sure to stop by Ivory & Main Curvy Bridal Boutique in Sayville, NY before your big day so stock up on your emergency kits, boob tape, and other wedding essentials! We’re here to support you every step of the way and ensure you feel confident, comfortable, and radiant on your special day.

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