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 Ivory & Lace  

a collection By Ivory & Main

Welcome to Ivory&Lace, our in house lingerie line designed by Ivory&Main sold exclusively at Ivory&Main. 


We design our lingerie with curves in mind. Designed by plus size women for plus size brides, Ivory&Lace is a stunning line of gorgeous bridal lingerie. Ivory&Lace is perfect for brides to be, your wedding night and for all moments you want to feel gorgeous in luxurious lingerie. Our line includes bridal robes, satin robes, lace lingerie pieces and more, all in sizes 1-5X. Made in the US and designed by plus size women, we take extra care in designing for curves and picking materials. 


Our Ivory&Lace Satin Robe is designed with extra room in the arms, throughout the back and the hip so that when you sit the robe remains closed. The satin material is so luxe feeling and isn’t see through, perfect for our bridal appts and for brides getting ready the day of their wedding. Our Satin Robes are used for every bridal fitting at Ivory&Main because our brides deserve luxury.